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It was February 12th, 2014 the day before myself and my best friend Mara were suppose to leave for Hawaii.  I was at work when I received an alert on my phone that my flight had been cancelled due to the snowstorm that was approaching.  The air was brisk but there were no flakes in sight.  Our flight was scheduled to leave the next morning, hours before the storm was to begin.  I needed to know why the early cancellation.  So I called and was told my plane was stuck in another state where the storm had already began.  Just great.....  I was determined to fly to Hawaii.  

I stayed on the phone with the agent for about 30 to 45 minutes until I got the response I wanted :).  She found another flight leaving out of Newark Airport opposed to JFK.  The bad news was it was leaving about three hours earlier than our original flight and it was with United Airlines.  I've flown with United a few times and every time I practically starved to death LMBO.  They hardly give you anything to snack…

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